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Day 1: You Are What You Eat? Or, Should It Be, You Are What You SNACK! August 4, 2010

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I talk to everyone, make strangers feel comfortable, and have made communicating with people my life long career as a public relations professional. My personality is perceived to be extraverted, but I’m a closet hermit. Personally, I hold onto very few “close friends” and enjoy intimate small dinners with those friends. So signing up for one of those “group” diet programs isn’t my style. I’m also a fan of “how to” books/articles and so I’ve been exploring the Internet for info on calories, exercise, food choices, recipes and medical info. While I’m no expert, I’m going to take the best ideas out there and as Tim Gun would say, “Make it Work.”

Using CalorieCount.about.com, I discovered that I currently burn about 1,940 calories a day and my Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30.6 makes me moderately overweight. This site was great, you just plug-in your age, height, weight and level of activity and they do the math.

I then found on Google a free calorie counter. This is really cool. I used it to figure out how many calories I eat on an average day. It turns out, if I just ate my normal three meals a day, I’d average 1500 calories a day. It’s the “miscellaneous snacking” I do that’s adding on the weight – almost 1000 calories a day!

Then I had an epiphany. Just because it says “fat free, no fat or all natural” doesn’t mean it’s calorie free. So as of today, I’m swearing off soft drinks (150 calories), juices (274 calories), licorice (35 calories EACH), cheese bits (225 calories), chips (150 calories) and more. I didn’t have these daily mind you, but I have a habit of nibbling while I prep dinner for my family. The frig is just too tempting.

My new daily diet will primarily focus on multi-grain cereals with fresh fruit for breakfast; salads and multi-grain crackers/bread; and chicken, fish or vegetarian dishes for dinner. All great choices to reduce my weight and cholesterol levels. Since I prefer to eat five small meals a day, I’m going to allow two snacks. Fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, granola bars and nuts are my new best friends. And I’m committing to drinking at least 50 ounces of water a day. My only splurge will be a large cup of tea with 2% milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar. A girl’s got to live.


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