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Day 7: Give Your Liver a Break August 11, 2010

When I had my sonogram two weeks ago, the tech took pictures of my gall bladder, liver and right kidney. On the screen, I could see some white deposits on my liver and oddly enough the tech asked me if I took cholesterol meds. I did not. However since then, my doctor told me that if I can’t reduce my cholesterol levels and unclog my liver over the next three months, I will.

Why am I resisting?

Last year, I tried to start a new career. I got my insurance license and sold insurance for about a month. It was a depressing job. Those who needed insurance couldn’t qualify and those that couldn’t afford it needed it in the worse way. If you were overweight, suffered from high blood pressure, took cholesterol meds or was a diabetic you paid a higher premium. If you suffered from three of the four, you were usually rejected. One exception, if you were fortunate enough to have insurance offered at work through a group plan you could get insurance, but people who were trying to get insured on their own were “shit out of luck.” This is the reason we need national insurance and for these people 2014 can’t come soon enough.

I also learned that there’s a clearinghouse of medical information on anyone who has ever had any health insurance. The insurance companies compile this info to analyze trends and to validate information we share on our applications. Once the information is in the clearinghouse, it never goes away…even when you’re cured. I’m trying to keep “moderately overweight” and “high cholesterol meds” from being reported to my file. There’s no guarantee that we’ll continue to have “group insurance” in the future and until I’m on Medicare, I want to keep my record free of the lethal three.

So what am I doing to lower my “fat levels” in my liver?

Well obviously my liver hasn’t been working that way it should. It’s supposed to be getting rid of the fat in my system. But if my liver is too busy getting rid of toxins it doesn’t have any energy left to get rid of my unwanted fat. So I have to reduce the toxins. That means NO processed foods, no soft drinks, no candy, no can foods, and no frozen entrees. I have to eliminate the dyes, preservatives, MSG and anything else I can’t pronounce on the label.

So I’m trying to stick with home cooked meals, and when I eat out I’m trying to stick to fresh veggies, fresh fruits and grilled proteins. In addition to being healthier meals, they are lower in calories. So I’m helping my liver while I’m reducing my weight. It’s all good.

To learn more about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, check out the American College of Gastroenterology or the Mayo Clinic.


One Response to “Day 7: Give Your Liver a Break”

  1. Vonnie Says:

    Interesting post. Keep up the good work!:)

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