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Day 8: Not a Bad Beginning for My Journey August 11, 2010

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Seven days of biking, dog walking and calorie counting and I’ve lost 4.3 pounds. I’ve exceeded my goal and I didn’t starve myself. I didn’t kill myself exercising and I feel really good. Biking in the morning gets me up and going. And calorie counting is keeping me conscious of what I’m eating. Not bad.

Now it’s on to Week 2, seven more days and another 3.5 pounds to lose.

But this week won’t go as smoothly. I’m going to take a road trip to New York City this Friday and won’t be back until late Monday. My hubby and I are driving to pick up our daughter who just completed her summer courses at the School of Visual Arts.

While we’re there, we’ll help her move from her summer dorm to her old dorm, unpack her winter clothes and art supplies, take care of a few final details and then start on the long drive home. We’re looking forward to having her home for a couple of weeks and I think she could use a break from the big city.

Since I won’t be able to bike for three days, I’m going to have to really watch my calorie intake and compensate by walking more. But I should get in plenty of walking in New York and I’m sure to burn a few calories moving stuff.

On the way home, we’re going to stop to visit with friends and family. I’m going to have to resist a lot of temptations on this trip. I just have to continue to focus on proteins, veggies, and fruit choices.

Last but not least, I’m not going to stress over it. Stressing is one of the reasons I gained so much weight, but that’s another story.


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