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Day 10: Cream of Crab Soup August 17, 2010

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I wasn’t going to leave for New York until I rode my bike and walked the dog. So by the time my hubby and I packed our overnight bags and plugged in the GPS it was 10 a.m. Our goal was to reach New Jersey and crash for the night so we’d have to drive less than two hours in the morning to reach our daughter in Manhattan. It was going to be a long day.

With my exercise completed, my ambition was to stay focused on healthful foods, but when I drive, I snack – usually on licorice. This time I picked up some lightly salted “belly burning” nuts and unsalted nuts with dried fruit. The portions averaged 140 calories for 30 nuts. I also packed apples, plums, and water. Oh yeah, and some gum if my sweet meter went haywire.

Our first meal was at Subway. I grabbed a 230-calorie veggie sub on honey oat bread. But it was our second dinner that killed the day. We stopped at a seafood restaurant and I had a salad, broiled lump crab cake and baked potato. I stayed on track in that I ordered fresh or single item foods, but I fell off the wagon when we ordered a cup of “cream of crab” soup, while we split it, it alone totaled 310 calories!

Over all I ended the day with 1,650 calories, 150 more than I wanted thanks to the soup and my lack of willpower. I was so grateful that I made the time to do my exercises and burn about 444 calories. So overall I ended the day pretty much on track.


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