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Day 13: Heading Home to SC August 17, 2010

We enjoyed a homemade breakfast of pancakes, bacon and home fries. I swear our friend, Rudy, should come out of retirement and audition for Master Chef. I resisted his wonderful home fries, but enjoyed a pancake and two slices of bacon. It was a good morning as we talked politics and prepped for the rest of our trip home.

We said our goodbyes and headed toward Virginia, hitting more traffic. As we had already planned to stop by my Mom’s for a visit, we elected to take Route 301 leaving the traffic behind. To save time, we met up at a Chinese Restaurant. Once again my daughter and I split a meal and I munched on fried noodles.

It was nice to see my Mom. She’s now 82 and lives with my sister. But I wish we had more time. If it hadn’t taken so long to drive to Baltimore yesterday, we would have continued driving and ended the day at my Mom’s. She understood the way Mom’s always do. So I invited her to come down for a visit. She’s a novice gambler, loves the slots and we’ve got three casino boats within a 3.5-hour road trip. There’s even talk of bringing a casino boat to Charleston. If it’s like the Emerald Princess in Brunswick, GA, we’re in for a treat.

We continued on our journey, taking turns driving and enjoying the greenery of the South. We stopped at a Taco Bell and tried one of their new “fresco tacos,” no cheese just tomatoes, cilantro and onions. It was all we needed to keep going. We arrived home around 10 p.m. with a very excited Stacey May at the door. It had been months since my daughter was home and our boxer-whippet mix made her feel quite welcome. I was happy to see my son and pleased that he had taken good care of things while we were gone. So life goes on.


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