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A journey for women over 50 who are looking for renewal and self discovery

Day 15: A beginning to An End August 19, 2010

When I stood on the scale early this morning I sighed in relief. While I didn’t reach my goal, to date I’ve lost 6 lbs. I ended my crazy New York adventure without gaining weight and I’m relieved. Now I’m hoping I can repeat my first week and lose 4.5 lbs. by next Wednesday so I can get back on schedule to lose 50 pounds in 100 days.

But this wasn’t any normal morning after all. As my son drove off this morning to begin his senior year in high school, I realized today was the beginning of my last year as a full-time mom. Wow, it’s hard to imagine that this time next year, he’ll be driving off to college and we’ll be empty nesters.

I’ve already experienced the “child going off to college emotions” when my daughter started college in New York two years ago. But I still had my son at home and my role as a full-time mom remained so my life remained somewhat normal. It won’t be the same. I’ll miss having him here with us, they way I miss my daughter when she’s away. And my daily routine will change, heck my life will change.

But I’m a planner. So I’m going to enjoy every minute I have with him and I’m not going to stress over it. Goodness knows I don’t need stress complicating my weight-loss program. As my father would say, “There’s nothing so bad that it’s not good for something.” I love the relationship my daughter and I have as adults, so I’m going to look forward to having two college students in my life. And, I’m going to take this time to make positive changes in my life.

When we moved to Charleston, SC two years ago, we made a conscious decision to rent. It made more sense for us to rent a larger space now and once our son goes off to college, we’d downsize. Like most people, my hubby touts the benefits of owning a home, but in this market and with our needs changing in such a short time frame, it made sense to rent.

So next summer we’re going to be moving, and I’m hoping that settling into a new space will help us adjust to life without kids. I’ll still have a bedroom for each as they will come home for school breaks, but I’m looking forward to less yard, fewer rooms to clean, smaller electricity, water and housing payments, and purging.

But for now, I’ll focus on being a great full-time mom, losing weight, writing, and enjoying my life while it remains as normal as it gets.


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