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Day 16: Salt of the Earth August 23, 2010

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I learned something today I wish I knew 25 years ago. I learned the truth about table salt.

Like most people, I’d heard that too much salt is bad for you. So over the years, I’ve reduced my intake of salt and that of my family’s by adding little if nothing to my cooking and eliminating it from the dinner table. I’d buy low-sodium packaged items when possible, cook fresh or frozen veggies instead of can goods and try to cook at home at least five to six nights a week. Granted they probably got more than their daily dose of salt just by eating lunch out.

Oddly enough, I crave salt. I love capers, olives, peanut butter, French fries, chips, and a childhood favorite, salted licorice from Denmark. Looking back on my eating habits, my snacks were primarily salty. While I’m sure I was getting enough salt, I’ve learned it was the wrong salt.

My Internet research has shown me that eating salt isn’t the problem; it is eating refined table salt. Our bodies can’t effectively process common table salt as it contains synthetic sodium chloride, anti-caking agents and preservatives. Any time we put man-made items in our bodies, our organs treat them as toxins. No wonder I’m craving salt, my body wasn’t getting the sodium chloride it needed to function properly.

So what’s the answer? Unrefined sea salt provides natural sodium chloride that our bodies need for good health. I’m going to start adding it a pinch here and a pinch there and see if my cravings for salt go away. We all know that our bodies need salt to function. In fact, sodium is the main component of our body’s fluids and it helps to carry nutrients into our cells. It helps regulate our body functions, such as blood pressure and it helps keep our blood pressure balance normal. But if we’re dumping milligrams of bad sodium into our bodies, the body obviously isn’t benefitting from it. So I’m going with unrefined sea salt. While I’ve always had a great blood pressure level, it’s gone up as my weight has gone up, especially since I turned 50. So I’m up for the sea salt challenge and I’m looking forward to improved health. The bottom line will be my test results when I see my doctor at the end of my 100-day diet.


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