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Day 19: Getting there one goal at a time August 24, 2010

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While the weight is coming off slowly, it is coming off. They say that it’s better to lose it slowly and permanently change your lifestyle then to lose it quickly just to revert back to your old ways. Like my NO Coke diet. I lost 10 pounds in two weeks last November and within a few weeks I gained it all back and then some. My long-term goal is to lose this weight and keep it off. To do this, I have to accept healthy eating as the norm and get comfortable with my new lifestyle and that takes time.

So to keep my eyes on the prize, 50 pounds in 100 days, I’m focusing on short-term goals.

Short-term goal No. 1: Drop 3.5 pounds a week. While I surpassed this goal my first week, figuring out how to make this happen weekly is challenging in itself. But I’m taking steps in the right direction. When I fail to meet this goal, like last week, I learn from my mistakes and move on to the next 3.5 pound goal.

Short-term goal No. 2: Drop one dress size. Over a year ago, I found an article requesting quality work clothes to be donated to abused women reentering the workforce. I’ve held onto that story with hopes that one day I’d lose enough weight to be able to bundle up all of my “big girl” suites and donate them to this cause. Then I’ll bundle up the rest of my clothes too big to wear and drop those off at Goodwill swearing never to buy another XL in my life.

Short-term goal No. 3: Write daily. Along with losing weight, this blog is a means to an end. While I’m a writer by trade and have written many forms of communication over the years, I’ve never made time to write for my own benefit. But this blog is helping me discipline myself into writing for me. It’s helping me take time out of my busy day and dedicating it to writing. So I’ve promised myself that if I can write this blog for 100 days, I can write that novel I toyed with before I had kids. Maybe I’ll develop a brand new plot and maybe I’ll even write myself into a whole new career.


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