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A journey for women over 50 who are looking for renewal and self discovery

Day 20: And I thought whole grain was the bomb August 25, 2010

We eat far too much bread. My favorite is white bread. But I’ve done what most Americans have done, I’ve switched my family to wheat breads and no one complained. It looks like white bread, just healthier, right?

Not really. While wheat breads are healthier than white bread, processed and refined wheat breads are deficient in nutrients and make us blow up like balloons. Multi-grain breads are better for you. So for about four months now I’ve been buying multi-grain breads for my hubby and me. I’m hoping the kids will eventually switch as multi-grain breads are more fiberous and that’s good, right?

Not really. What we should be eating is “sprouted grain” breads. I’ve learned that the process used to make sprouted grains actually increases its vitamins and beta carotene, and unlike regular wheat breads, it breaks down phytic acid which can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb calcium magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc and can neutralize stomach enzymes which can result in digestive disorders. But  the best reason to eat sprouted grain breads, you should experience less intestinal gas. I found loaves of freshly baked sprouted grain breads at Whole Foods in the Bakery. The one I picked for this week actually has sunflower seeds on the outside. It’s quite yummy and filling as well. They also said I could find other sprouted grain varieties in the freezer section. You can buy sprouted grain rolls, muffins, tortillas and even raisin cinnamon loaves. So sprouted grain breads are the best carbohydrates I can eat, right?

Not really. The best form of carbohydrates we can eat are actually fruits and vegetables. They turn our bodies into fat burning machines. So try replacing that sandwich with a plate of fruits and vegetables and burn those pounds away.


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