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Day 22: We’ve got company August 28, 2010

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Our best friends from Maryland arrived today! They are celebrating their 40th anniversary this weekend and wanted to share their special day with us and our other best friends from Florida who will arrive tomorrow. We met in Maryland and have been friends for more than 25 years.

When we lived in Maryland, each couple bought an Entertainment Book from a local school. Then once a month the six of us would go out and experience a new restaurant. The guys got to pick the restaurant and the ladies got to carry the Entertainment Card. Over the years, we tried so many wonderful restaurants and our friendship grew with each outing. Then I accepted a job in Pennsylvania, but we continued with our monthly dinner outings and looked forward to the two-hour drive to and from Maryland. That ended 15 years ago.

Now whenever we’re together, we still enjoy going out for a meal or two. Tonight we ventured out to a restaurant that offers organic and wholesome cooking, Five Loaves in Mt. Pleasant, SC. I resisted a glass of wine, started with a small Caesar salad and finished with an appetizer. I read that if you pick an appetizer it’s usually a smaller portion. It was shrimp with gnocchi. I was hoping for more protein, but I was able keep it under 500 calories according to my calorie counter at everydayhealth.com.

It was wonderful to catch up with our friends. I look forward to tomorrow when we’ll all be together again.


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