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Day 23: If Two’s Company, Four’s a Crowd, then Six is a PARTY! September 1, 2010

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Our friends from FL arrived around dinner time. It was really great to have them join us and with the kids home we had a full house. I asked Rudy, the chef amongst us, to help with dinner by cooking his famous potato salad. He mixes an array of ingredients while the potatoes are hot including McCormick’s Bay Seasoning. It gives the potatoes a real kick. Then he took some fresh ears of corn, cut off the corn and fried them in olive oil and seasoning for some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Combine these two dishes with my fresh Alaska salmon and a little wine and you’ve got yourself a dinner party.

Usually, when you hand over your kitchen, you lose control of how things are prepared. But Rudy watches what he eats and is use to cooking with real butter and olive oil so our meals were in line with my diet. I only ate too much. For dessert we whipped up some brownies.

Our friendship was built around food and drink so tonight was no different. But you know you have real friends when you haven’t seen them for months and yet it seems like we were together yesterday. The kids are older, our faces are older, but our respect and love for one another never changes.


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