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Day 27: Road Trip to Spartanburg, SC September 1, 2010

With our friends heading home this morning, I focused on the events of the day such as riding my bike, walking my dog and heading to Spartanburg for a job interview. It was going to be a 3.5 hour drive each way.

Since my daughter is heading back to New York this Friday, I asked her to join me. She doesn’t drive, but I looked forward to the company and hours of chitchat. Hanging with my daughter is a constant laugh. We are each other’s shadow and accept each other’s quirks and imperfections as they are our own. We chatted about her new classes, her sophomore memories and her hopes for another great year. I probably bored her with my hopes and aspirations for the next year too – weight loss, full-time employment, a pool boy, winning the lottery – the usual.

We arrived an hour ahead of schedule, so I took a side tour into the heart of Spartanburg. Being the third largest city in South Carolina, I was surprised at how tidy it was with everything in its place. It was also deserted. I felt like I had driven into the town of “Persons Unknown.” I imagine if I had ventured further down the road I would have gained a different perspective, but we were running out of time.

While I interviewed, Anna waited patiently in the lobby reading a book. After the interview, we headed toward Greenville. It took 40 minutes to reach Main Street. I wanted to see the Reedy River waterfall that runs beside it. We found two-hour parking and walked to the Liberty Bridge for a bird’s eye view of the falls. It was really beautiful and worth the drive. The expansion bridge hangs two stories above the falls providing an incredible view of the crashing water surrounded by stone sculpture carved by nature’s own hand.

My daughter was craving chilli so we found Smoke on the Water that featured a chicken and bean chilli. We sat outside enjoying less humidity than in Charleston until the bugs came out. Once inside, we discovered another annoyance. As we walked our shoes stuck to the floor. It obviously was painted over the weekend and hadn’t dried. Black epoxy paint was being tracked all over that restaurant. We felt like bugs on sticky paper. As our food was already ordered, we settled by the bar to share crab dip, salad and her chilli.

But we weren’t alone. We first saw this lanky, 40 something guy on the walking bridge, then he was walking back and forth in front of the restaurant’s patio as we sat outside. When we moved inside, he came in and sat at the bar. He seemed friendly enough with the bartender, but he was creepy. I imagined that he was a loner, with an overbearing mother in his past and lots of dead small animals buried in his backyard. Yep definitely creepy. We paid our bill and found our way to the car looking over our shoulders the whole way.

We arrived home around 11. I was grateful to be home safe and looked forward to the outcome of the interview.


2 Responses to “Day 27: Road Trip to Spartanburg, SC”

  1. Ed Says:

    It appears you bumped in to our old, long lost, truck driving buddy, Ray. Probably still looking for Alan.

  2. Anna Says:

    You never bore me, Mom. I love hearing about your aspirations.

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