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Days 24, 25 and 26: Celebrating Friendship September 1, 2010

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This weekend ran together for me. I managed to keep up with my biking and dog walking, but the calorie counting and writing ran short. I was enjoying myself a bit too much.Friday night we headed downtown for a drink and a little live jazz music. I checked out a few places on SCIway.com and then remembered a small little jazz bar off Calhoun across from Marion Square.  We pulled in around 8 and settled at the bar and for the next two hours sang with a local musician who offered to play anything “on his list.” It started with a few blues and Caribbean tunes and ended with jazz tunes from his youth. Our friends are all retired, so the night brought memories and a lot of out of tune singing. It was a nice way to end a relaxing day.

On Saturday, several of the gang went golfing at Patriots Point while my daughter, Rudy’s wife, Regina, and I went shopping! My daughter swore that you can lose up to 200 calories an hour shopping, we lost at least 600. We took advantage of the pre-Labor Day sales and headed home in time to make dinner. Sunday wasn’t much different. Our FL friends, Ed and Monica, headed to Fort Sumter for the historic tour on a windy day that made Charleston’s humidity bearable. I joined my fellow shoppers and we headed out again. Why not, more calories to burn!

As I cooked salmon on Thursday, steak on Friday and pulled pork on Saturday, we were ready to enjoy the night out on Sunday. It was Rudy and Regina’s 40th anniversary and the catalyst for bringing us all together. Rudy selected Magnolias in downtown Charleston. It offers contemporary southern meals and a nice wine selection. What I really like is their “smaller plate” options featuring blackened fish, pecan chicken, crab cake and more. I settled on the crab cake. It was served with a small portion of Jasmine rice and spinach. Small portions, but perfect for my diet. I resisted the wine and offered to be the designated driver.

Downtown Charleston offers couples a wide variety of romantic restaurants that aren’t afraid of flavor. I often think of my days in Sarasota, FL with all the retirees in the area, the restaurants leaned toward less seasoning to meet the needs of their constant audience. But it left the food blah. At least here in Charleston, they aren’t afraid of adding a little seasoning to the mix and you can especially taste it in the sauces. I guess if you’re going to start with something so bland as grits, you’ve got to know how to add seasoning to make it the No. 1 dish ordered at local restaurants – usually as shrimp and grits. Being from Baltimore, I prefer my shrimp solo and spiced with McCormick’s Bay Seasoning, but there’s something special about a serving of freshly caught shrimp right off the local shrimp boats something else Charleston is known for locally.

Good eats, good company, good friends in beautiful historic downtown Charleston…a great recipe for a reunion and a memorable 40th anniversary celebration for Rudy and Regina.


One Response to “Days 24, 25 and 26: Celebrating Friendship”

  1. Ed Says:

    You neglected to note one of the high points of the whole weekend. I found six perfectly good golf balls on Saturday. Also, getting up each morning and having coffee with you was pretty damn special.

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