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Days 32, 33 and 34: Yeah for Labor Day Weekend And Then The Floor Falls Out From Under You September 7, 2010

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I’ve never been a big Labor Day Weekender. It is way too short to go away and with no family or close friends in Charleston, we didn’t feel the need to plan a BBQ or picnic. Anyway who wants to labor on Labor Day? So instead we elected to get out and do our fair share for the economy, we spent money.

With a pedometer on my hip, hubby and I walked from one end of the outlet mall to the other. We weren’t really looking for anything specific, but the prices were great so we treated ourselves and recorded 11,315 steps in the process. I figure we burned a few calories.

Then the weather gave us a break…the humidity dropped long enough for my hubby and me to go fishing with our son. We have a dock at the end of the community where people load and unload their boats, crab or fish and even swim. Having no boat, we fished. A blue claw crab made itself a star by being our first catch. But he was so small, he was sent back for another time. We were using live shrimp and minnows. My rod nabbed the first fish, a blue. I say my rod because my son brought it in. Then I got another, he brought that in as well. That’s usually how it works when we fish. Both were too small to keep and we headed home as the sun finally set.

The rest of the weekend was supposed to end as it began; relaxing, but we got some bad news. My sister-in-law, 58, suffered a massive heart attack. She’s still with us, but the doctors are worried and so are we. She recently had surgery for colon cancer, but the doctors said they got all of it. Although she’s been under a lot of stress as her son, my nephew was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer several months ago. That’s why she went in to get a colonoscopy and that’s when they discovered she has cancer too. It’s been a tough year for my brother’s family.

Living almost nine hours away, we feel helpless. So we’re hanging by the phone, texting and waiting for news, hopefully, good news. How quickly our worlds change.


One Response to “Days 32, 33 and 34: Yeah for Labor Day Weekend And Then The Floor Falls Out From Under You”

  1. ed Says:

    Our prayers are with ya’ll.

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