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A journey for women over 50 who are looking for renewal and self discovery

Day 37: Getting a Competitive Edge September 13, 2010

With the job market being as it is, any competitive edge is important. And being 50 in today’s market is no competitive edge and that’s unfortunate. I’ve run into three women in my situation. It appears that corporations no longer value compounded experience and insurance costs have made it undesirable to hire baby boomers as they increase the risks associated with health care costs.

So if you can get past the resume stage and make it to the interview, you have to look and feel as young as possible! I’ve been told I have a “young” personality and energy to burn. And here recently, my friends and family are noticing a change in my appearance. As I’ve been interviewing for full-time positions, I’m pleased at the small change 11 pounds have made for me. I can’t wait to see what an additional 10, 20 pounds will do for my girlish figure!

My weight-loss journey is also helping during the interview as I make sure I let them know I bike five miles a day and introduce my blog and journey as positives in my life. The blog also informs my “potential” employer that I use today’s social media and that’s important for someone in public relations and marketing.

In addition to reducing my weight, I also reduced the length of my resume. It seems with 18 years of experience I was “overqualified” for the market. And while I didn’t want to dumb down my resume, I did reduce it down to one page and targeted it toward the jobs I’ve found in the area. It’s working and I’m getting interviews.

As I wait to return to full-time status, I continue to accept short-term assignments and freelance work. But with one daughter in college and my son getting ready to take that path, I need full-time employment. I need a job.

As with all challenges in my life, I’m not going to let my age be a handicap. I believe I’m headed in the right direction to reach my goals and I’m enjoying the journey.


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