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Days 44, 45, 46: No Wonder People Give Up Dieting – It’s So Frustrating September 20, 2010

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My plateau sucks, but I won’t give up. Biking 5 miles a day and walking a mile or more are now part of my life and I look forward to them. So it’s just the eating thing that’s got me frustrated.

According to the book, “The Diet Solution,” if you’re a protein type like me, you crave rich, fatty foods such as pizza, sausages and salty roasted nuts. Yep, that’s me. And I’m supposed to love food. Yeah, I love food. So when I eat more carbs than protein, I’m supposed to crave sugar. Yep, that’s me too. So the shoe fits.

What’s next? As a protein type, it proposes that I eat a diet high in proteins and fats and low in carbs. It says if I do eat carbs I have to pick fruits and veggies with some grains. I’m to focus on whole eggs, dark-meat poultry, beef and dairy. Not the best choices for someone who needs to reduce their cholesterol are they?

Yeah that’s what I thought too. But the author is convincing me that it’s not saturated fat that’s causing my issues, but refined carbs, processed foods and hydrogenated oils. My liver has been so busy processing junk that it was able to process “fat” and that’s why my liver showed signs of fatty deposits. It also says that if I eat the right foods I won’t be hungry. So I’ll play along and see what it does for me.

So for the next three days, I’m gonna eat protein at every meal and/or snack. I’m gonna eat small meals frequently. I’m gonna avoid carbs, except my sprouted grain breads, veggies and fruit. The Diet Solution suggests apples and avocados – yum.

If the above doesn’t fit you, then you might be a carb type or a mixed type. To find your type you can take the Metabolic Typing Diet by Wolcott and Fahey or purchase “The Diet Solution” book like I did. My daughter’s a carb type…a weak appetite; gets by on small amounts of food, loves baked goods and starchy veggies. My hubby and son tested out to be mixed types, they have characteristics from both extremes.


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