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Days 56 to 62: Getting Caught Up October 5, 2010

Well, talk about a plateau, still holding at 11 pounds. I guess the doctor was right, it was going to be “really hard to lose weight quickly when you don’t have a thyroid to control your metabolism and you’re going through menopause.” The good news, I’m holding at 11 pounds. In the mean time, hubby is dropping weight; he’s dropped 15 pounds! It’s like a fountain of youth for him…he’s dropped five years off his age, too!

As for me I tried biking again, but it irritated my knee so I’m put off biking 5-miles a day for another week. About two weeks ago, I twisted my knee enough to irritate an old cartilage injury from high school. And since I don’t want to create a permanent problem, I’ll give it a little longer to mend. Heck it’s been raining so much I really couldn’t bike anyway. My hubby, on the other hand, has a gym at work so he’s been keeping up with his regiment, faithfully, and it’s showing.

In addition to changing my physical being, I’m trying to change my professional life. Jobs in my field are beginning to open up so I’m sending resumes out left and right. I was told by one recruiter that she received 150 resumes for her open position. I was one of the lucky ones who got an interview. In fact I’ve gotten four interviews in the last month.

It’s helped that I’ve toned down my resume to one page which is hard when you have 18 years of experience. But I haven’t been able to tone down my examples in the interview because I am who I am. I’ve worked at the global level and as a director and so before the end of the interview, I get the “You’re very talented with a lot of experience, why would you want this job?” Well let me see, because I need a job? Because there aren’t any jobs at my level I can apply for in the state? Because I want to work and you’re getting a lot more for your money so I figure I’m a bargain? It’s maddening.

So while I’ll wait for the one interview where the manager I’ll be working for has enough confidence in his/her skills that I won’t be a threat, I’m going to get a part-time job. In fact, I got one yesterday. I’m going to sell cars, yeah, used cars. I figure if I can sell company images to the public and sell stories to the national press, I can sell cars to people who need them. So for now I’ve signed up with the No. 1 seller of vehicles in Charleston, Carmax.

My brother worked for them in Maryland and their reputation for reselling quality is real. It will mean working every weekend, but I’m okay with that. In fact, now that I’m on board, the GM suggested I monitor corporate jobs and go for one if it opens up or I can apply for a management job at the dealership once I get some experience and “prove myself.” Well I’m up for the challenge, but are they ready for me? We’ll see if we can make this a win/win for all concerned.

The truth of the matter is I’m over 50, I’m a baby boomer and we’re at a disadvantage in the job hunt. Why invest in someone who will only work for the next 15 years when I can hire someone who can give 25 years. Wake up America, the average worker gives 5 to 8 years and moves on. If you hire a boomer, we’re so grateful for the employment, we’ll stay until retirement and you’d benefit from the experience we bring to the table at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Well Carmax must get this cause there are a few sales associates who are my age or older, most of them in gold uniforms or the president’s level…not because of seniority but because they get it. They are selling cars and reaching their objectives. For boomers, it’s in our nature to work hard. Personally, I think it’s a shame that all this PR experience is being wasted, but I’m not the only person in this situation. The economy is blind to age, race, sex…it hits all of us in some way and it’s been a tough time for many. There are many boomer professionals flipping burgers, greeting guests at Wal-Mart and selling anything and everything to make a buck. Good for them, they haven’t given up.

Guess you never know what life will bring you, I’m just glad I know how to make lemonade out of the lemons life gives me.


One Response to “Days 56 to 62: Getting Caught Up”

  1. ED Says:

    Counting the days til Thanksgiving so I hope your Carmax opportunity does not interfer with ya’lls visit. Can’t picture a young Alan. I see this kid in diapers, light beard whining “Oy Vey.”

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