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Days 92 to 100: The End of My Journey January 4, 2011

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Due to a technical issue…this posting was not published in November.

Well it’s over, I reached 100 days, but not my goal of losing 50 pounds. I lost 14 pounds.

Am I disappointed…no not really. Could I have done more, perhaps. Well, I’m now on cholesterol meds, a true disappointment. Turns out my cholesterol level jumped 30 points under my diet.  The doc says I’m genetically pron to high cholesterol. I’m scheduled for knee surgery cause I’ve got a torn meniscus and after a month or more I’ll be as good as new.  That’s when I’ll be back.  I’m going to do this again, I’m going to lose more weight, continue to improve my health and taking life on one day at a time.