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Days 85-91: Disappointed, But Not Knocked Out November 12, 2010

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If not being able to bike these past few weeks hasn’t been enough, my MRI on my knee revealed that I have a torn meniscus. That’s the cushion that the ball of the knee rests on. It’s a small tear and while I’m feeling better, I still can’t squat or bend my knee normally. The doc said that at any time, it could act up again and again. So I’m vying for surgery. Yeah, microscopic surgery. They still have to knock me out and I do have the risk of a traveling blood clot, but I’m going to do everything he says to prevent that from happening.

As for my cholesterol level, my family doctor called to tell me that he needed to see me. That doesn’t sound good, guess my numbers didn’t drop down far enough. Darn it, I’ll have to go on cholesterol drugs. I was hoping to avoid that. Nonetheless, I have lost 14 pounds!

What I’ve learned is I need to include exercise in my life to lose weight. I can’t lose weight just by watching what I eat. I can maintain my weight by watching what I eat, but not lose weight. I learned that while I pursued foods that encourage healthy cholesterol levels, it really didn’t eliminate my need to take cholesterol lowering drugs. But I am healthier for it and I think I’ll benefit down the road for pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

I’m scheduled for my knee surgery the day before Thanksgiving and it will take about four months to get full use of my knee back. When that happens, I’m going to begin my 100 day journey all over again…but this time I only need to lose 36 pounds…a bit more realistic? If all goes well. If all goes well.


Day 36: Weigh In, Getting Grounded September 8, 2010

In spite of all those things going on in my life, I’m trying to stay focused on my goal of 50 pounds in 100 days. As of today, I weigh 11 pounds less. Not quite on target, but a move in the right direction.

When I started this journey, I read that dietitians say it’s best to lose between .5 to 2.5 pounds a week. I’ve done that. Yet, I wanted to lose 3.5 pounds a week, but things happened. My trip to New York, our best friend’s anniversary weekend of fun, job interviews and now my sister-in-law’s death all happened, but that’s life. So I’m going to keep focused on the things I can control and acknowledge that things I’ve accomplished.

Over the last month, I’ve ridden 170 miles. My Body Mass Index (BMI) is now 29.1 and according to caloriecount.about.com, I’ve gone from moderately overweight to mildly overweight. That’s something. I now weigh what I weighed last November and that makes me feel younger. I don’t drink a soda, I drink more water, I eat healthier and I reduced the amount of toxins I put in my body and that makes me feel better. My clothes are fitting me better and that makes me look better. It’s all good.

And while I can’t change the events that move my life, I can continue to make small changes.

To reduce the stress in my life, I’m going to dust off my Chi Tai DVD and start a new habit. For now, I’m going to practice Chi Tai every night after dinner. I hate that down time between dinner and my 8 p.m. reality show rush so I’m going to fill it positively.

To sculpt my body, I’m going to have to add to my exercise routine. I want to tighten my arms, thighs, and tummy. So I’ll add a series of stretch band exercises to my day and see how that works.

To improve my weekly weight loss, I’m going to try to eat less than 1500 a day, more like 1200 calories. It won’t always be possible, but there have been days I’ve done it without even trying.

There, three more things I can do to reach my goal of 50 pounds in 100 days, 64 days to go!


Day 21: Three Weeks, Three New Habits, Three More Pounds August 25, 2010

Yeah! I lost a total of 9 pounds in three weeks. Granted I wanted to lose 10.5, but I’m well on my way to reaching my long-term goal of losing 50 pounds in 100 days. In fact, I lost 3 of those pounds this week. I’m pleased.

I’m continuing to drink more water, about 50 ounces a day. I’ve noticed that the circles under my eyes are less pronounced. In fact, I feel less “puffy” all over. I feel like my body is holding less water as it continues to flush toxins with each ounce I down. And while I’ve reduced the amount of carbohydrates in my diet and therefore the amount of fiber I eat, water is helping to keep me regulated which is very important in weight loss.

Other than the three days I took off to go to New York, I’ve biked 5-miles a day for a total of 90 miles since I started this journey. I actually look forward to jumping on my bike as I spend the 30 minutes thinking about my blog, my next step, or about things I need to remember for the day, the week. It’s great “me” time. I’ve noticed that my stamina is building as well. I now keep my 10 to 11 mile hour pace on inclines and have hit as high as 15 miles per hour on level roadway.

Choosing healthier foods is actually making me less hungry between meals. I’m eating a protein meal for breakfast and I’m not getting hungry two hours later. I eat a light lunch, like a BLT, low-calorie sub, or salad. And dinners are pretty much the way they’ve always been – a protein, a starch, and a veggie. The portions are smaller and the ingredients are fresh, organic when possible and leaner. For example, just this week I made Sloppy Joes with ground chicken, and last week, I tried ground turkey in my tacos. And while I’m still barbecuing steaks on the grill and making traditional Danish pork dishes, I’m now cooking with seafood more than once a week.

So drinking more water, exercising and eating healthier are all habits I can live with. It’s all good.


Day 4: Déjà Vu August 7, 2010

I can’t tell you how many times I thought about losing weight, about exercising, doing something and yet didn’t. It’s heartbreaking. I’d watch one of those paid-commercial programs with their weight loss gadgets, buy it, wait for it to arrive and then wait for a good time to start. It never came.

I also remember starting to exercise, but something always seemed to stop me. In Florida, I tried exercising in our pool and just when I started to get into a regular pattern – we moved. In Colorado, I tried yoga. But when the guru told us to stick out our tongues and say “ahhh” – well I got kicked out for laughing too much. Guess I wasn’t too serious about the whole thing. I then joined in a water aerobics program at the YMCA, everyone in the pool was in their 60s, I was in my 40s. It was hard to fit it into my busy day and I wasn’t losing any weight, so I quit.

When I moved back to Florida, I started walking the dogs about a mile a day. That has continued and although I recently lost Scooter, my golden/chow mix, I still walk Stacey May, my boxer/whippet mix.

Here in South Carolina, on my 50th birthday, I joined a senior center. I was the youngest member they ever had. The price was right, $77 for the year, and they had great exercise equipment. But I started working again and the center’s hours weren’t conducive to my new hours, so I never went back. The only thing that I’ve been able to stick with is dog walking, and that’s probably because it’s as much for them as it is for me.

What I’ve learned looking back over the last 20 years is that the only thing stopping me from exercising – is me. I obviously didn’t think how I looked or felt physically was important enough for me to make the time or I was just being lazy. I’m disappointed in myself, but that’s about to change.

They say that if you can stick to something for 21 days, it becomes habitual. That explains the dog walking. So my first hurdle is to continue biking for 21 days. But biking and walking the dog won’t be enough if I’m going to reach my goal of losing 50 lbs. in 100 days. So I’ll have to keep calorie counting and continuing with no sodas or unhealthy snacks, drinking lots of water and making the right food choices. This is hard. Resisting old habits is hard.

I hope my 21 day goal helps. Goodness knows my health can’t afford for me to stop, and I don’t want to experience déjà vu in a few weeks as I realize I started — only to stop again. Not this time. Please, not this time…