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Day 21: Three Weeks, Three New Habits, Three More Pounds August 25, 2010

Yeah! I lost a total of 9 pounds in three weeks. Granted I wanted to lose 10.5, but I’m well on my way to reaching my long-term goal of losing 50 pounds in 100 days. In fact, I lost 3 of those pounds this week. I’m pleased.

I’m continuing to drink more water, about 50 ounces a day. I’ve noticed that the circles under my eyes are less pronounced. In fact, I feel less “puffy” all over. I feel like my body is holding less water as it continues to flush toxins with each ounce I down. And while I’ve reduced the amount of carbohydrates in my diet and therefore the amount of fiber I eat, water is helping to keep me regulated which is very important in weight loss.

Other than the three days I took off to go to New York, I’ve biked 5-miles a day for a total of 90 miles since I started this journey. I actually look forward to jumping on my bike as I spend the 30 minutes thinking about my blog, my next step, or about things I need to remember for the day, the week. It’s great “me” time. I’ve noticed that my stamina is building as well. I now keep my 10 to 11 mile hour pace on inclines and have hit as high as 15 miles per hour on level roadway.

Choosing healthier foods is actually making me less hungry between meals. I’m eating a protein meal for breakfast and I’m not getting hungry two hours later. I eat a light lunch, like a BLT, low-calorie sub, or salad. And dinners are pretty much the way they’ve always been – a protein, a starch, and a veggie. The portions are smaller and the ingredients are fresh, organic when possible and leaner. For example, just this week I made Sloppy Joes with ground chicken, and last week, I tried ground turkey in my tacos. And while I’m still barbecuing steaks on the grill and making traditional Danish pork dishes, I’m now cooking with seafood more than once a week.

So drinking more water, exercising and eating healthier are all habits I can live with. It’s all good.


Day 17: Improving My Cholesterol Levels – The Organic Way August 23, 2010

I’m glad I only want to lose 3.5 pounds of weight a week. Granted I’m a bit behind due to my New York trip, but I’m hoping steady improvements in my lifestyle will help me reach my long-term weight loss goal of 50 pounds in 100 days.

One improvement I’ve made is slowing introducing “organic” foods into our lives. I’ve learned that simply switching to organic foods, I’m eliminating a lot of “toxins” that my liver has been dealing with for years. Toxins help explain why my sonogram showed that I have a lot of fatty deposits on my liver. It’s been working so hard to get rid of those toxins, that it hasn’t been able to process the fats in my diet.

But organic is expensive. So I’m taking it slow. I’m starting with sea salt, organic eggs, extra-virgin olive oils, real butter, breads and fruits and veggies “on sale.”

Why am I targeting eggs when I have a cholesterol issue?

I’ve learned there’s a BIG difference between regular eggs and organic eggs. Chickens that live a “natural” life produce eggs that are extremely high in omega 3 fats — one of the healthiest types of fats we can eat. Omega 3s create good cholesterol levels. While eggs from commercially raised chickens are high in omega-6 fats because of the feed they eat and lifestyle they live. So while I’m eating organic eggs, yoke and all, I’m actually eating healthier and enjoying my breakfasts more.